Fontaine Heavy-Haul Trailer Applications

lowboy construction trailers, lowbed magnitude and workhorse

Fontaine offers a broad broad range of lowbed (lowboy) trailers matched to handle the special requirements of the construction industry. Our Gooseneck design is very easy to operate, even on unlevel construction surfaces.

lowboy commercial trailers, renegade trailers

Fontaine offers a full line of Renegade rugged heavy-haul trailers for the commercial market. Choose from mechanical or hydraulic gooseneck models

extendable flatbed flatdeck and lowboy trailers, xcaliber, magnitude, renegade

When your load exceeds the length of a conventional trailer, Fontaine Heavy-Haul offers a line of extendable flatbed solutions.

hydrualic tail traverse ht trailer

Fontaine Heavy-Haul TraverseHT is a game chaning hydrualic tail trailer. Find out why.