Fontaine Heavy Haul Workhorse Trailers

Workhorse lowbed Trailers

Entry level hydraulic neck lowbed construction trailer

  • 55 to 55 ton capacities
  • Multiple deck lengths and designs
  • Flip neck ready
  • Flip axle ready
  • Fixed bogies
  • Air ride bogies



Standard Features

  • 5-Position gooseneck ride height
  • Toolbox (front of deck)
  • 8' 6" wide deck with outriggers
  • Fixed tridem air ride bogie
  • 54.5" bogie spread
  • Air lift 3rd axle
  • 5-Position bogie ride height adjustment



  • 7-Position gooseneck ride height*
  • Front flip ramps (Standard on 55L CC
  • ABS (standard on 50)
  • Flip axle (51 & 55L only)
  • 60" bogie spread
  • Load bearing wheel covers
  • Load scales
  • Tire inflation systems, paint, tires, wheels & more



Key Fontaine Heavy-Haul
Workhorse™ Lowbed Trailer Features

Fastest gooseneck in the industry.

Hydraulic removable “hook & shaft” design on Fontaine Heavy-Haul is superior to ordinary pin & plate method. It offers greater versatility so you can connect/disconnect on uneven ground. A v-guide on deck helps position the gooseneck for faster & easier operation.

Glad hands and hose connections are protected.

Glad hands are recessed to avoid damage. Inlet and return hydraulic connections also protected.

Convenient removable kingpin.

You can reposition or replace a damaged kingpin on your lowbed trailer with ease. Dual kingpin slots let you reposition the kingpin from 102" swing radius to 81" swing radius. Use 81" kingpin position to comply with kingpin-to-rear-axle restrictions.

NOTE: Available on Workhorse 55LCC.
Not available on Workhorse 50 and 51.

Hydraulic pony motor power unit.

Optional 13HP Honda pony motor makes trailer “self-contained” so you can operate the gooseneck without being connected to truck wet line kit.

Dual prong frame jack.

Steel reinforced design connects to the rails on both sides of the tractor to prevent the gooseneck from shifting side to side. The design offers superior stability compared to single prong frame jacks.

Convenient controls.

Controls are clearly marked and easy-to-operate. The left control is for the frame jack assembly, and the right control raises/lowers the deck. You can operate the gooseneck using a wet line kit from the tractor or an optional pony motor to make the trailer “self contained”.

Easy ride height adjustments.

Very durable design is EASY to operate. Single cam pawl offers 5 ride height positions on your lowbed trailer and the dual cam pawl design offers 7 ride height positions.

Mechanical locking pin.

The mechanical locking pin is easy to operate and more durable than air-pin designs. Plus, it’s easier to repair in the field and that means less downtime.

Front approach ramp with traction cleats.

Front approach ramps feature welded traction cleat bars for large track equipment. Optional approach ramps with risers help low clearance equipment clear the gooseneck hooks. Some models are equipped with flip ramps.

True deck length specifications–use every inch!

The deck length specifications are measured from the back of gooseneck to front of bogie. Most 55 Class models are standard with a 26' deck length. Standard and optional lengths vary depending on Magnitude model.

Full width crossmembers.

Full width crossmembers pierce through the mainbeams and are welded on both sides for greater security. The robust design improves strength and durability. Note that the last 3 crossmembers are recessed to reduce equipment overall height.

Optional hammer plate.

Located in the recessed area at the rear of the deck (in front of the bogie), the optional hammer plate provides a place to rest hammer or bucket to reduce equipment overall height.
heavy haul hammer plate

Brackets and D-Rings.

Full width crossmembers pierce through the mainbeams and are welded on both sides for greater security. The robust design improves strength and durability. Note that the last 3 crossmembers are recessed to reduce equipment overall height.

Apitong flooring.

Apitong is the best wood for the job. It withstands inclement weather and resists abrasion. 2" thick material offers greater strength and durability.

Load bearing bolsters.

Heavy-duty bolsters are rated at 23,500 lbs. each (47,000 lbs across pair) so you can load equipment onto the bogie and rest it on the bolster.

Load bearing wheel covers.

Optional load bearing wheel covers make it easier to load a wide range of equipment onto the bogie. The covers are supported by heavy-duty bolsters rated at 23,500 lbs. each (47,000 lbs across each pair). Wheel covers add approx 1,500 lbs.
load bearing wheel covers for heavy haul trailers

5-position bogie ride height.

The Workhorse features a Hendrickson suspension with 5 ride height positions. It helps get your equipment over RR tracks or under bridges (typically run in middle position).

Battery operated amber strobes.

This important safety feature is easy to operate and works off battery power when the trailer is detached. The battery charges while the trailer connected to the truck.

Convenient dump valve.

Easy to reach control releases air from the air bags. Note that it is recommended to dump all air from the suspension prior to loading/unloading. Fontaine makes it EASY.

Airlift 3rd axle control.

An easy-to-operate pull a switch lifts 3rd axle off ground. Perfect for going home empty.

Rear end features.

Rugged steel recessed V-Pan helps you tuck in booms to lower the overall height of your load. The rear also features top & bottom brackets and air/electrical hookups for adding a 4th axle or spreader.