Traverse HT hydraulic tail trailer

Hydraulic Tail Trailers

The Fontaine Traverse HT is a real game changer for the hydraulic tail trailer industry. The innovative design is loaded with convenience features that make work easier. The 10.5° ramp angle makes it easy to load low ground clearance equipment. A rugged steel reinforced deck features a clear deck length of more than 38 ft in the travel position and handles 40 tons evenly distributed or 33 tons concentrated in 16 feet.


  • 40 tons evenly distributed
  • 33 tons in 16"
  • 25 tons in 12"


  • 9' 10" gooseneck length
  • 9' 10" gooseneck length
  • 48' total length
  • 38' 2" deck length
  • 35" loaded deck height
  • 14' ramp length (10' main tail/4' flip tail)


  • Best in class 10.5° load angle
  • Tail lifts 25,000 lbs to loading dock height
  • Heavy-duty 18,000 lbs winch
  • Dual controls (both sides of gooseneck)
  • 4-function remote control
  • Steel I-beam crossmembers on 18" centers
  • 1 3/8" apitong wood deck
  • 2-speed landing legs
  • Dual locking tool boxes
  • Traction cleats on ramp for easier loading
  • Amber LED tail strobe lights work off battery if trailer disconnected from tractor


  • On-board digital scales
  • LED worklights to illuminate deck
  • Non-skid paint on top flanges of deck
  • Aluminum wheels
  • TireMaax Pro system if trailer disconnected from tractor

Key Fontaine TraverseHT Hydraulic Tail Trailers

Best in class load angle.

Low 10.5° load angle is perfect for low clearance equipment. The low "break over" point protects the trailer from jolting impacts when loading track equipment. It's a great solutions for rental and construction applications. Saves time with every load.

Flat full-width upper deck with 18K winch is standard.

The gooseneck upper deck length is 9' 10" to easily accommodate vehicles, equipment or cargo. An 18K winch with wireless remote control is standard equipment. The winch features an air release for easy “free wheeling”. An optional winch guard helps protect the winch from damage. If you need more beef you can upgrade to a 20K Warn winch.

Dual locking tool boxes for convenience and security.

Locking tool boxes on both sides of the winch feature a gas shock to dampen the movement. This helps prevent the tool box lid from falling onto fingers or hands.

Convenient controls on both sides of the gooseneck.

• Winch air release for "free wheeling"
• Tail locks
• Air dump valve
• Work lights
• Ramp locks
• Operational controls

Easy to operate.

Four operating levers control the winch, front ramp, main tail and flip tail. The lever control box is protected by steel plates to help prevent damage to expensive valve components. The remote control is standard equipment and controls the winch and the rear tail mechanism.

Convenient grab handle and step.

A grab handle and steel fold-out step on both sides of the trailer makes it easy to get on and off the deck.

Full width front ramp.

Easy-to-operate front ramp features a 13° angle to make loading low ground clearance equipment easier. There's enough room to handle two 19' scissor lifts on the front of the deck. Traction plates and convenient tie down points are standard.

Industry leading rear ramp with 10.5° load angle.

The superior ramp design features a break point forward of the rear axle center. This permits a longer tail for a lower load angle. Loading low ground clearance equipment is easier than ever with the Fontaine TraverseHT.

Heavy-duty ramp hinge.

The full width heavy-duty three-piece hinge is stronger than the typical “piano hinge” type used by the competition. It features grease points for easier lubrication, lower maintenance cost and longer product life.

Superior stability.

Dual flip-tail locks make contact with the ground to support the load. This helps prevent the trailer from rocking side-to-side when loading heavy equipment–including large track equipment.

Industry leading hydraulic flip-tail.

Flip-tail is easy to deploy and stow. Mechanical locks are easy to deploy and stay engaged even if the trailer loses hydraulic pressure.


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